Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms

Trauma can cause many symptoms, some of which are listed below. 


Physical Symptoms


Feeling tired, drained.

Aches and pains that don’t seem to have a cause.

Lower back pain

Unable to think clearly.

Head feeling clogged up or cloudy.


Fast heartbeat.

Feeling unable to breathe.

Difficulties getting to sleep or staying asleep, perhaps because of nightmares or vivid dreams. 

Unable to remember, or forgetting simple things.

Feeling unable to eat or eating too much.

Not wanting sex or wanting sex all the time.

High blood pressure.


Skin conditions.



Emotional Symptoms


Feeling numb, dazed, not ‘with it’, unable to take it in, dizzy, spaced out.

Not able to connect with other people or activities.

Believing it hasn’t happened or seeming not to care about what has happened, or seeming to cope extremely well.  (Being in shock.)

Feeling afraid and anxious that the same thing, or something else, will go wrong.
Feeling vulnerable, kind of unravelled, not quite you. 

Worrying that you are close to the edge, in danger of losing control or being overwhelmed.

Feeling helpless, guilty, hopeless, or angry with yourself, someone else, or the world.

Blaming others, feeling guilty that you have survived when others didn’t, or feeling ashamed that you didn’t stop whatever happened from happening.
Thinking that the world you thought you knew has changed completely.
Depression, anxiety and intense feelings, especially if you or someone close to you was badly hurt, or if someone died.

Relief and hope that things will soon return to normal.


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